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ఇక్కడ మీరు వీడియో తయారీ నైపుణ్యాలు, చిట్కాలు మరియు మార్గదర్శకత్వం పొందుతారు.

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Video-streaming platforms like YouTube have become so big you’re guaranteed to find a group of people who will become your raving fans and customers, as long as you educate, entertain and provide solutions to their problems.

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Facebook Group

Facebook Group is a place for our community people to come bond around how much they love to work with you. This is a place for discussion, root-causes of any issues, learning about product/service, getting access to exclusive knowledge with someone.

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Rs 5555

  • Master Video Making Skills

  • Niche Clarity Route Map

  • Content Discovery Formula

  • Camera and Body Language

  • Video Editing Skills, Video Editing Tools

  • Way to interact with Auditions

  • Social Media Inner Circle Bonus

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    Master video making skills

    Duration: 30 days 

    Price: Rs. 30,948/-

    Niche Clarity Route Map

    Price: Rs. 11,449/-

    Content Discovery Formula

    Price: Rs. 9,999/-

    Camera and body language contents

                   Price: Rs. 6,999/-

    Video editing skills

    Duration: 14 days

    Price: Rs. 16,999/-

    Video Editing Tools

    Duration: 7 days

    Price: Rs. 11,449/-

    How to Interact with Audience

    Price: Rs. 14,599/-

    Social Media Inner Circle Group


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