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I am happy to introduce my self. Having for more than twenty years of experience in studio handling and local news coverage in addition to impart training to different sections of the people, I could emerge as one of the most talented Audio Visual personalities in the region.

I have been associated with Siti Cable Visakhapatnam and responsible for program design, concept and production. News presentation under my manager ship has highest reception and reach.

Besides, I have been teaching MCJ students of Andhra University and impart training in studio operations, camera handling for the last 10 years. Students produced from this department are well placed in the electronic media all over the country.

Also I had an opportunity to impart training to I&PR personnel of 1 & 2 zones in collaboration with department of Journalism, A.U., under the directorship of prof. P. Bobby Vardhan. And also responsible in the establishing AV studio in the department.

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I am very confident to inform you that the equipment’s procured recently to my production center, are highly advanced and first of in their kind. I have covered all
national events that were held here including the present presidents fleet review and received lots of laurels from all sections of the society. My production center is also known for Live telecasting of prominent program in this part of the state.

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